Laura A. Smith is President of the Boulder New Generations Rotary Club.  The club was chosen to be in the Rotary International Satellite Club Pilot Program.  The pilot program started in July of 2011 and is scheduled to end in June of 2014.  However, in April of 2013 Rotary International deemed that the satellite club program may be implemented by all Rotary clubs’ that meet the guidelines.


The purpose of the pilot program is stated by Rotary International as follows:  “Feedback from numerous Rotary surveys and focus groups has repeatedly shown that prospective members and current younger Rotarians require flexibility in their Rotary club membership.  This pilot is structured to research alternatives and options to club operations and the overall impact on membership trends, the club’s overall effectiveness, and success within the four elements of an effective club.”


The Rotary Club of Englewood will be considering implementing the satellite club concept in 2013.