Seven family owned and operated farms, many of which are 2nd generation, make up the Colorado Egg Producers Association.  The Association was formed nearly a quarter century ago to help promote fresh eggs and educate Coloradans about egg production in the state. These farms include Sparboe Farms located in Hudson, CO

Every Colorado egg producer, although diverse in size and management style, has one resounding philosophy: “producing a safe and wholesome product for consumers while providing acceptable animal husbandry standards.”  All Colorado Egg Producer Association members subscribe to a Code of Conduct in working with their chickens.  More information is available at 

David Collie is the Sales and Marketing Area Manager for Sparboe Farms the 4th largest table egg producer in North America. I currently cover a 5 state region working with both Foodservice and Retail corporate account management and sales.

David is a graduate of Michigan State University.