That's Ed in the back of a pickup, loading food purchased at Costco.
We filled the pickup and three SUVs, and wrote a check for about $3,800.
That's just SOME of the 30 15-pound bags of potatoes!
With Josh and Bruce
Members of the North Colorado Springs Rotary, all veterans,
and their wives shopped and sorted and delivered, too.
Ten of us, plus Ed's family, shopped for toys and clothes.
Picture bicycles, Transformers, Pokemon gear, winter sweaters. . . 
Listen in to what we have accomplished in the words of a recipient of our holiday support
and in the words of a key volunteer:
"I just wanted to say thank you for the Thanksgiving meal and the presents for the kids. We really appreciate it! The kids look forward to unwrapping them! Thanksgiving and grocery shopping is stressful especially when my husband is in Afghanistan! Thank you so much again!"
                                                                                                 -- the wife of an airman in the 4th Space Operations Squadron
at Shriever Air Force Base,with 3 children approximate ages 2, 4 and 10
 "My husband, father-in-law (Ed) and myself wish you and your family the very best Christmas and that your Thanksgiving is memorable this year.
"We cannot thank your husband enough for his service to our country. Without individuals like himself, we would not live in such a great country. Thank you again!
"We thank you and your family for your sacrifice while your husband is deployed. If there is anything we can do, do not hesitate to reach out to us.
"Many blessings to you and your family."
                                                                 -- Happy holidays, Molly (daughter-in-law of our member Ed Koerperich,
who was a very important coordinator of our project, along with her veteran husband Chris)
Under the supreme leadership of Ed Koerperich, we carried out our own version of a military mission. We provided 30 families of active military or veterans with an amazing array of holiday food and gifts.  
This was the main thrust of our $7,000 project ($3,500 from our members and a match from our Rotary District) called the Military and Veterans Appreciation and Support Program. About $1,000 of that is unspent and reserved for financial or family crises that might occur between now and the end of the Rotary year, June 30.
We were aided by members of the North Colorado Springs Rotary and wonderful contacts at the Air Force Academy and Shriever Air Force Base.